2021 FAC Outdoor Champs Bong Eagles Photos

On 9-10 September, Bong Eagles Joe B., Harrison K. and H.G.F participated in the Cloudbusters’ FAC Outdoor Champs, along with Dr. Jack T., a Wisconsin Flyer who has flown at many Bong Eagles Contests.

Two of Joe B’s Planes at Outdoor Champs

Joe flew the Kiwi P-30, along with 3 other flyers in that event, on a windy Thursday afternoon. He flew the Anna Jr. in both the Thursday and Friday Embryo events, putting up 10 flights with it. Despite weighing 27 grams, it takes off from the table in its own length.

“Klingon Battle Cruiser” Embryo, designed by the Late Ralph Kuenz, this year’s “one design” plane. Dr. Jack T.’s version flew well.

Next year’s “One Design” plane for the Outdoor Champs: Dayton-Wright Racer

Dave Niedzielski’s prototype of his Easy Built Kit. He enlarged the Jetco Peanut version to 16 inch wingspan. It flew well, gaining lots of altitude with its wide wing.