2022 7/10 Bong Eagles Oldtimer Free Flight Contest Results

– For pictures see: 2022 Bong Eagles Free Flight Meet Pictures

Small Stick and Cabin Combined

1st Jim Gerszewski 270

2nd Mark Braunlich 220

3rd Jim Ferwerda 180

3rd Steve Pollina 180

3rd Jack Tisinai 180

4th Joe Bartek 81

Large Rubber Stick and Cabin Combined

Jack Tisinai 90

Hand Launched and Catapult Glider

1st Jeff Annis 77

Embryo FAC

1st Jeff Annis 14

Contest Director’s Report

We had a beautiful sunny day with light South winds 1 to 5mph with temperatures in the low 80s. The max was set at 90 sec. to help keep the models in the immediate field, out of the swamp and high trees to the south across the paved road. Due to the nice weather, there was an outstanding turnout of 7 participants along with several visitors watching the many Max. flights. Retrieval of models through the thick brush was difficult due to chest-high weeds in some spots. Mike Kirda has contacted the presidents of the two rocket clubs, who also fly in the same area, about formulating a plan between the 3 clubs to approach the Bong Rec personnel regarding grooming and prairie management of this area.

Mike Kirda purchased 3 two-way radios which were used by modelers retrieving their models and a person at the base talking them in on a line. These radios also were used to stay in communication with modelers walking through high weeds and stay in contact in the event of an emergency. These radios worked out so well that Mike will purchase 3 more for club use.

Jim Gerszewski took 1st in small stick with 3 maxs, Mark Braunlich 2nd, and a 3 way tie for third with Jim Ferwerda, Steve Pollina, and Jack Tisinai. Jack Tisinai had a beautiful flight with his large cabin model with one max. later in the afternoon. In total there were 12 maxs of which many flights were in booming thermals. Many thanks to Jim Annis, Dave Lindley, and Mike Kirda for helping with model retrieval and spotting. All had a great time flying and having conversations with fellow modelers whom are all passionate about the same hobby.

Jeff Annis