FAC models

Embryo Class

Peck Prairie Bird Embryo

Embryo class planes have wing are limited to a maximum of 50 square inches. The Prairie Bird is a very popular beginner Embryo with a long history.  Its wingspan is 16 inches and wing area is 48 square inches.  A kit is available at https://www.wind-it-up.com/  A nice YouTube video of a successful flight has been posted by joshuawfinn entitled “Peck Prairie Bird, take 2”  June 2009.  A how-to article may be found at http://www.theplanpage.com/things/pb/pb.htm

Rubber Scale

Cessna 140 from Dare Kit

Rubber Scale is a broad category covering lots of prototype aircraft. The Cessna 140 in the picture also falls in the Modern Civil class. It also gets no bonus points since it is a high wing plane with one engine. Under FAC rules a multi- engine biplane would get handicap points compared to a high wing monoplane like the Cessna. These planes are judged on resemblance to a specific prototype aircraft, including markings. There are designs with rugged or light construction, adapted to outdoor or indoor flying.

Peanut Scale

Martin MO-1 Peanut Scale model

Peanut scale models are judged like the broader Rubber Scale class, but have a wing span limited to 13 inches. The Peanut Scale model of a Martin MO-1 1920’s Naval Observation Plane was built using a plan from Model Aviation by Dave Linstrum.

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