Definition of Free Flight – Wikipedia


Academy of Model Aeronautics
Model Aviation magazine
National Free Flight Society
The Flying Aces Club

Society of Antique Modelers

Free Flight Rules

AMA Outdoor Free Flight Rules 

AMA Indoor Free Flight Rules

National Free Flight Society Rule Book

To find current rules for F1 events, download:

 Sporting Code Section 4_CIAM_F1_freeflight_21.pdf

At  Sporting Code | World Air Sports Federation (    18 Dec 2020

Information Sources

Mike Kirda’s YouTube Channel  – How-to’s and videos

Indoor News and Views
Hip Pocket Aeronautics
Stick and Tissue

Free Flight Archive – Allied with Stick and Tissue    

Wakefield Plans (

The P-30 Page   all things P-30, including plans

Free Flight Supplies and Kits

FAI Model Supply     Rubber for motors and other supplies

Easy Built Models – The Official Website

Indoor Free Fight Supply 

Volaré Products | Free Flight Model Aviation (

Retro RC LLC Web Site – Campbell’s Rubber Power Models

Peck Polymers models 

J&H Aerospace      Kits for indoor and outdoor free flight models of nearly all sizes.

Starlink Flitetech Models – Competition Class Free Flight Airplanes ( Starlink sells expensive prebuilt hi tech F1G planes, also very good P-30 kits including the Pirate P-30

Howard Littman model aircraft      Howard sells kits for some very nice No-Cal scale models with shrinkable pre-printed skins and Bostonian kits like the Boston Jumping Bean (14 g West Coast Rules)

Mike Woodhouse    dba Free Flight      Hi-Tech Wakefield supplies and know-how from UK

Hummingbird model products.        A comprehensive list of tools, supplies and kits from a cottage supplier in Calgary, Alberta.  There are some unusual dime scale sized models listed, along with a Hurricane fighter redrafted from Comet plans by Stew Meyers, available with printed Camo tissue.





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