2022 AMA Free Flight Nats and NFFS Outdoor Champs

Bong Eagles at 2022 AMA Free Flight Nats

Bong Eagles competed in 10 events at this years’ AMA Free Flight Nationals, July 24-29.  Chuck Markos (1004 Sec) and Jeff Annis (460 Sec) took 2d and 4th places in the competition for the prestigious Mulvihill trophy. A Canadian, Patrick Mackenzie, won the Mulvihill with 1406 Sec.  Jeff Annis took 3d place in the Dawn Unlimited contest, while Mike Kirda took 4th.  In Dawn Unlimited, perennially competitive Bud Romak did not get his wake-up call and missed the event.

Overall,  Mike competed in 6 events, taking 1st in Large Nostalgia Rubber with a score of 1715 Sec, defeating Bud Romak with 1020 Sec in a fly-off. Mike also took 1st in Old Time Rubber Cabin with a score of 360 Sec.  Mike took a 2d place in Small Nostalgia Rubber with 385 Sec, and 3d in Old Time Rubber Stick with 540 Sec.  He was unable to find his Gollywock after the last flight, and did not fly in the final fly-off round.  John Stott also flew in the Old time Rubber Stick and Cabin events, getting fine scores. He also flew a small electric plane in E20.

Chuck Markos also flew in F1G (Coupe d’Hiver), taking 10th place with 503 Sec.  Coupe was hotly contested with scores for 8 fliers between 500 and 600 Sec.  The Mulvihill winner took 9th Place with 525 Sec.

John Lorbiecki represented the Eagles in the I.C. realm with a 4th in Golden Age 1/2A Free Flight.

Kurt Krempetz, a former Eagle, flew in three Glider events, taking 3d place (330Sec) in Hand Launched Glider (AMA 140) among a field of 11, besting 3 other famous glider pilots.