Wind Lake Turf Farm

The Bong Eagles are partnering with the MARKS R/C club for access to their flying site at the Wind Lake Turf sod farm in Wind Lake, Wisconsin. This site is approximately ten miles north of the Bong Recreational Area we have flown at in the past.  https://windlaketurf.com/

Maps for the area and the site are here:  2023 Wind Lake Turf Farm Map

Access to this site requires that we also be members of the MARKS R/C club ( Milwaukee  Area Radio Kontrol Society http://www.marksrcclub.com/ ). This is important. Flying there is restricted to MARKS club members EXCEPT when flying in our contests.

Membership in MARKS is available at:  2023 MARKS Membership Form

RICHARD BONG RECREATIONAL AREA:  No Longer the Contest Site for Bong Eagles
Information on this site is archived here
Located due west of Kenosha, WI, approximately 10 miles west of I-94.
Exit i-94 at Route 142 (The exit for Mar’s Cheese Castle) and proceed west to where Route 142 crosses Route 75. The entry gate is approximately ½ mile west of Route 75 on the south side.
All visitors must observe the following DNR rules; violations will seriously affect our use of Bong:
1.Enter only at main entrance on Route 142
2.DNR will charge a fee for vehicles entering the area
4.Automobile travel restricted to paved, gravel, or service roads.
5.Obtain runway and service road access pass at the entry gate.

For some odd reason, the signs for “Bong Recreational Area” seem to regularly disappear so be prepared for no signage while driving here.

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