2023 EAA Winter Flight Fest Pictures

Jeff Annis Provided a lot of Pictures. alongside his Contest Director role. Lyman Hatz also provided pictures, besides judging Scale and Bostonian planes.

Section 1 – The pictures from Jeff

Mass launch of The Big Smash ( A One-Design P-18 Rules Plane ) was a hit.

Big Smash Mass Launch
Group Watching Big Smash
Lyman Hatz Judging Scale Models
HG Frautschy Figuring a Motor Size
Jocelyn and Jim Buxton prepping Boxy Bipe Models
Keith Rosenberg Winding a Ross Flyer
John Lorbieckie Talking Engines
Public Watching Flight Demos
Planes Moved Outside to Provide Space

Section 2 – The pictures from Lyman

The Phantom Flash Mass Launch on Saturday was also a Crowd Pleaser

Phantom Flash Mass R.O.G. Carnage on Saturday
Phantom Flash Models In Flight after Carnage
EAA 7th Anniversary Boxy Bipes
Squadron of Beancraft Bonanza Bostonians with RR Merlin
Beancraft Bonanza Bostonian Squadron on the Flight Line
EAA Winter Flight Fest Logo with 2023 Boxy Bipes
Flying Buddy Bonding on Sunday