EAA March 2015 Indoor contest results

EAA Family FlightFest Results 3/13-3/14/15

Mass Launch Events

Ross Flier Regular             Ross Flier Unlimited         Phantom Flash

1st Jim Buxton                      1st   Jeff Annis                     1st Jeff Annis

2nd Rob Romash                 2nd Jim Buxton                    2nd Jim Buxton

3rd Keith Rosenburg           3rd   Rob Romash                 3rd Lyman Hatz

HG Frautschy                                                                      HG Frautschy

Lyman Hatz



Double Whammy                WWII No Cal       Paul Poberezny WWII

1st Jim Buxton                    1st Larry Loucka       1st Jim Buxton

2nd Lyman Hatz                   2nd Jim Buxton          2nd Lyman Hatz

3rd Jeff Annis                       3rd Jeff Annis            3rd HG Frautschy

Aldon Frautschy                                                     Aldon Frautschy

HG Frautschy


Limited Penny Plane               Mini Stick                             F1D

1st Jim Buxton     7:59           1st Rob Romash  5:32        1st Mike Kirda 29:38

2nd Lyman Hatz    1:50           2nd Jeff Annis       5:14        2nd Jeff Annis  20:18

3rd Jeff Annis       4:59

4th HG Frautschy 4:40


Cat Glider                         Unl. Cat Glider                         HL Glider

1st Jim Buxton    88.1        1st Rob Romash  85.1          1st Jim Buxton     64.8

2nd Rob Romash 79.1       2nd Jim Buxton     85.0          2nd Rob Romash 58.1



Garbage Glider                       Dime Scale                          Comet Zippy

1st Rob Romash 25.8       1st Jack Tisinai          151    1st HG Frautschy 121

2nd Mike Kirda    22.9         2nd Keith Rosenburg 149

3rd HG Frautschy 22.7

4th Jim Buxton      22.6


Ross Flier Unlimited               F1L                                      FAC Profile Scale

1st Jeff Annis              4:16  1st Rob Romash 20:51       1st Jeff Annis        1:49

2nd Chuck Slusarczyk 4:10                                               2nd HG Frautschy  :55

3rd Jim Buxton            3:30          Phantom Flash Unlimited

4th Rob Romash          3:20            1st Lyman Hatz 1:42

5th Jack Tisinai            2:18             2nd Jeff Annis    1:19

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