Spring Indoor Rally Results 3/22/15

Bong Eagles Annual Spring Indoor Rally Results 3/22/15
                         Mass Launch Events
Delta Dart                Cash Bash              Phantom Flash   		        		
1st Kurt Krempetz         1st Ed Konefes           1st Ed Konefes
2nd Mike Kirda            2nd   Jim Gerszewski     2nd Joe Bartek
3rd Ed Konefes            3rd Kurt Krempetz        3rd Jeff Annis
Jim Gerszweski            Jeff Annis               Jim Gerszewski
Jeff Annis                Joe Bartek
Joe Bartek

Unlimited Cash Bash      Unlimited Delta Dart   Unlimited Phantom Flash
1st Kurt Krempetz  112    1st Kurt Krempetz  97    1st Jeff Annis 116
2nd Jim Gerszweski  80    2nd Jeff Annis     42    2nd Joe Bartek  83
3rd Jeff Annis      78    3rd Jim Gerszweski 27    3rd John Schram 19
4th Joe Bartek      48    4th John Schram     5

Limited Penny Plane       Mini Stick              F1D
1st Jeff Annis  8:44      1st Jeff Annis    5:57  1st Mike Kirda 30:58
2nd Ed Konefes  6:30      2nd Kurt Krempetz 5:02  2nd Jeff Annis 22:48
3rd Tim Stone   4:53

H/L Cat Glider          No Cal                  Bostonian
1st Kurt Krempetz 83    1st Jeff Annis    121   1st Jim Gerszewski 110
                        2nd Ed Konefes     91   2nd Ed Konefes      59
                        3rd Joe Bartek     83
                        4th Jim Gerszewski 74

   Peanut Scale                  Dime Scale
1st Mark Kwasinski 173           1st Mark Kwasinski 214
2nd John Odell      50           2nd Bill Odell     146
3rd Al Stone         9
4th Joe Bartek       7

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