2023 Bong Eagles Outdoor Flying at Wind Lake Turf Farm

Bong Eagles Fun Fly at Wind Lake Turf Farm – May 7, 2023

Some Bong Eagles flew at the sod farm field used by the M.A.R.K.S. (Milwaukee Area Radio Kontrol Society). They are members of the M.A.R.K.S., but it is expected that other AMA Sanctioned contests will be open to all AMA members.

Wind Lake Turf Farm

Jim G. Flying at the Turf Farm

Mike K. Flying his Mulvihill at the Turf Farm

May 21, 2023 Another Day of Flying at Wind Lake Turf Farm by Mike K., Jeff A. and Jim G.

Mike K.’s Dominator (A Bud Romash design for Mulvihill} ready to Fly

Results of 4 Flights of Mike’s Model (Mike K. Pictures)

Flights end up close to, but not in, hazardous areas like the boundary canal.

More Pictures by Jeff A.

More Pictures of Mike K. and his Dominator Mulvihill

Jeff A. and Jim G. with planes

Mike K. Nostalgia Stick (a 1956 Bienenstein design)