Retrieval Aids

For many years the radio direction finding system sold by Jim Walston was the gold standard retrieval system for free flight planes. A small transmitter attached to the plane sent a series of beeps and the pilot found the bearing to the plane using a directional antenna on a UHF receiver. Walston no longer supplies these systems, but they are still available according to an NFFS forum. Apparently, Walston got his systems from a supplier to Falconry hobbyists ( Systems are also available from Falconry transmitters weighing as little as 4 grams are available from
The transmitters are tuned to channels about 10 KHz wide in a HAM Radio band near 220 MHz. Walston systems used a WMI TRX-3S receiver with a frequency range of 148 to 222 MHz, which can be tuned to 3 channels.

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