2023 Membership Form

2023 Bong Eagles Membership Form in MSWord Format
2023 Membership Form PDF Format

2023 Bong Eagles Membership Renewal and Application Form
Name__________________________________ AMA NO.___________
Class: OPEN______ Senior______ Junior______
City____________________ _______State____________ ZIP____________
Home Phone or Cell#_______________________
Email Address_________________________________Helps reduce newsletter costs printing & Postage
Membership Type: New_____ Renewal_______
Other Memberships: NFFS___ SAM____ FAC____
Primary Interest_________________________________________________
Interest in Volunteering as club officer, CD, or helping with contests_____________________________

Membership dues are $20 annually.

Make check payable to Bong Eagles Model Airplane Club
Please Mail to:
Jeff Annis
S44W25680 Underwood Ct
Waukesha, WI 53189

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