As of October 2021, Indoor flying has become available at Racine Memorial Hall, as long as COVID-19 precautions, including wearing of masks, are taken. Dates for 2023 are listed on the Events page, starting with February 1, March 1 and April 5.   Time for flying is 4:00 – 9:00 PM Central Time.  Contact Contest Director Jeff Annis ( ) at least 2 days before the event for details.  Cost for adults is $20. Children fly free with paying adult.

For current Pictures See:   2021-2022 Bong Eagles Indoor Flying at Racine Memorial Hall

2022-2023 Bong Eagles Indoor Flying at Racine Memorial Hall

There is an alternative, thanks to the Winnebago County RC Flyers, who are combining indoor RC and free flight flying at the Carl Traeger Middle School in Oshkosh on Sundays.  For Details see:

Normally, the Bong Eagles had monthly Indoor flying sessions at Racine Memorial Hall from October through April on the first Wednesday of each month. 4-9 PM.

Located ~9 miles east of I-94 in downtown Racine, WI, Racine Memorial Hall is a very clean Category II site, 43′ to the peak.

Racine Memorial Hall - Delta Dart mass launch 3/2014. Photo by either Ken Miller or Tim Warren

Racine Memorial Hall – Delta Dart mass launch 3/2014. Photo by either Ken Miller or Tim Warren

We fly everything from Delta darts, gliders, scale models, Limited Penny Plane, all the way up to F1D. We encourage spectators. Bring your kids, we’ll do our best to keep them entertained!

2023 Racine Memorial Hall Schedule

Wednesday   February 1
4:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Wednesday March 1
4:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Wednesday  April 5
4:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Racine Memorial Hall Panorama

10 thoughts on “Indoor

    • Tom, we’d love to have you come fly with us.
      The cost of Memorial Hall to rent is $160 per session. We haven’t broken even in a couple of years, often losing $100 per session due to lack of people coming to fly.
      This is the same price we have asked for years now. If we dropped the price, I don’t think more would come. The club isn’t flush and cannot lose money on indoor forever.
      The only other option is to stop having indoor sessions altogether.

      Mike Kirda


      • Mike,
        Thank you to you and Jeff for doing such a great job on the continued efforts to keep this site available to the Bong Eagles.

        Both you and Jeff are a great asset to the club.

        I wish the Bong Eagle the best on it’s future and potential growth.

        I have moved from Illinois and currently reside in Colorado.

        Again, i wish the Bong Eagles Free Flight Club the very best.

        Thank you very much for the wonderful memories of flying at Racine!

        Tim Warren


    • Tom,
      15$ is a bargain!

      Racine Memorial Hall is one of the nicest sites I have ever flown at and the Bong Eagles Free Flight club are the best bunch of free flighters around.

      If you can’t afford to support this club…. stay home…. more room for the rest of us.

      Tim Warren


  1. There really is a problem with the economics. You know and I know there is not a large enough amount of people interested in Indoor Free Flight to cover the costs of getting into for example Racing Memorial Hall. So, the costs for anybody interested is going to be high. Gee Tim, thanks for such a positive thought. I’m sure that kind of thinking doesn’t help bring more people to participate. I used to love flying Indoor FF, but because of its expense, I do choose to stay home. So have a great flying session Tim, by yourself. I live 85 miles away, that means gas alone is going to cost $15, add a fast food lunch, I’m looking at $40 per flying session. It just doesn’t make any sense. I hope some day we will fly together. Maybe if I feel spend crazy, I might join you. If I had to predict what will happen in the future, Indoor FF will only be a memory. Sigh. I really would like to fly Indoor FF.


  2. I put together a simple indoor FF kit, and went to Racine last season as a newcomer. $25 membership and $15 per session, hour long drive each way,
    I was welcomed and mentored by experts, and had a priceless experience. I don’t have a lot of spare cash, but I’ll be back for sure !


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